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Interested in hosting a future event?  Click the form below to submit details about a future event and we can assist with targeting the best dates for your event, draft calendars may be circulated to assist with this process.  Factors to be considered in selecting your dates:  Major Holidays/ US Squash Calendar of events/Historical School Schedules/SAT’s & ACT’s/Major local events & of course other PSA events.

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Current Event Promoters

As a member of the U.S. Pro Series, you have access to a range of services and support as part of our commitment to help grow professional squash in the United States.

US Squash – ASB Court

US Squash recently acquired a brand new ASB portable glass court for use in the Delaware Investments U.S. Open and other events around the country. ASB is the worldwide leader in portable glass courts and the new US Squash court has become a favorite amongst PSA players and SquashTV for playability and broadcast aesthetics. For more information on renting this court, please contact

John Nimick – NetSuite Challenge Court

John Nimick in partnership with McWIL Squash operates the NetSuite Challenge Court, which is used in several marquee events across the country including the NetSuite Open in San Francisco, Windy City Open in Chicago, and the Tournament of Champions in Grand Central Terminal in New York City. This court features embedded video and LED technology as well as LED game lines. For more information, please contact John Nimick at


US Squash has been working to establish a pilot program to provide On-Site Representatives for PSA events. Comprised of trusted US-based professionals, On-Site Reps will contribute to a variety of areas:

  • Coordinating officials
  • Updating match results & social media
  • Taking action photographs and distributing to media
  • Support with player relations and tournament logistics
  • Ensuring player adherence to PSA Code of Conduct and report any infractions

For more information on this program and how your event can become involved, please contact


US Squash has partnered with a number of vendors to bring squash around the globe with web streaming. Options are scalable to a variety of budgets from a single fixed camera and scoreboard to the full PSA Squash TV coverage. Contact for more information.


Hotels are a significant perk for players competing in PSA events. Unfortunately finding a good price and negotiating a hotel contract can be a nightmare for a promoter. US Squash has partnered with ConferenceDirect to provide hotels to a number of professional events with great success. Combined with US Squash’s payment processing, promoters can simply approve the rate and contract, assure that they’re getting the best possible deal. Please contact for more information.

The number of professionals based in the US has increased significantly in the past few years and more and more young talent are playing professionally. Local spots and Wildcards can provide a significant boost to a player just starting on tour. If you have not committed these spots and are looking for suggestions, we can help you fill them with deserving players. Please contact Rich Wade at


As part of the US Pro Series, your event is entitled to a poster designed to your specifications. Let us help you rally your local community to enjoy world class squash! We can also provide other design services and suggest preferred vendors and options for signs, tin magnets, projection and flat screen displays, as well as other options.


A solid website is critical to promoting your tournament and sponsors. Using the US Pro Series website as a landing page, your event’s section can host sponsor logos, video streaming, logistical information, and more! Provide us the content, and we’ll provide you a page. Email for more information.

US Squash oversees hundreds of squash tournaments each year including the U.S. Open, America’s largest professional event, and 22 national championships. This high caliber squash demands good officiating, and US Squash works with a network of highly qualified referees. Utilizing good officials will increase the professionalism of your event as well as improve the experience for players and fans alike. Please contact for more information.


Partnering with a non-profit is a great way to increase the amount of sponsorship available for your event while simultaneously benefiting great causes. Partnering with US Squash can benefit your event, your community, and the sport of squash in the U.S. Please contact for more information.


US Squash runs some of the biggest and most successful events in Squash, and as a result, we have gained tons of expertise in event management. We can help you in all sorts of areas:

  • Preferred vendors
  • Event Logistics
  • Player Relations
  • Sponsorship
  • Communications
  • Marketing/Promotions
  • Ticketing
  • Social Media
  • Technology
  • Staffing/Volunteers

Let us help you turn your event into a world class squash experience!


US Squash now manages over $1 million dollars of professional squash prize money per year. Event sites can operate with the confidence that prize money will be paid on-time and in compliance with federal tax laws. Prize money is turned over to US Squash and we do the rest. Please contact with any questions.



Do you have any thoughts about the U.S. Pro Series?  Do you have any best practices you would like to share to help other Promoter’s run their event?  Call or email Graham Bassett to provide your input, 646.507.5221 or email


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