Sobhy and Khan Ousted in Cleveland Qualifying

Sobhy (R) against fellow eighteen-year-old Salma Hany Ibrahim. (image: Michael Weil)

Americans Sabrina Sobhy and Latasha Khan both lost in Thursday night’s Tub O’ Towels Cleveland Classic qualifying.

Khan, World No. 50, pushed Guyanese world No. 21 Nicolette Fernandes to five games, but fell short in the the fifth game 10-12, 11-5, 11-4, 7-11, 11-2.

Jermaine Xaba reports: “Khan played a solid game, great variation of pace, playing attacking winners into the open space. Fernandes was not quite as settled as Khan, but a combination of true grit, determination, helped by incredible athleticism allowed Fernandes to cover the court very well and scrap the win in forty-six minutes.”

“I enjoy squash so much that I’m always happy to go five games,” Fernandes said after the match. “I’m looking forward to playing Emily tomorrow”

Sobhy, world No. 52, lost to fellow eighteen-year-old Salma Hany, world No. 25, in three games, but admitted she hadn’t been feeling 100% after falling ill mid-week.

“I just tried to hang in there,” Sobhy said. “I was ill mid week, and just could not cope with Salma today.”

The first round of main draw play will take place Friday afternoon at 1:45 local time.

For more information, visit the official Cleveland Classic tournament page.